Blended map textures for Complex State

Today I’ve been working on the map textures for our Action-RPG Complex State.

The game is largely inspired by some of my favourite games, Zelda: A Link to the Past and the Baldur’s Gate. The game maps are built using a grid, so maps can be designed easily or created procedurally during play. However, player and NPC movement is free like Baldur’s Gate, not along the grid like Zelda. My goal with the map textures is for it to work like a simple 16-bit style RPG, but have a unique more realistic look. I’m doing this by random variations of each map grid texture and with blended edges.


This creates a varied texture for outside grass.


Today I am working on the look of the space station and space ships. It’s not quite finished.


I also just implemented how NPCs will talk, I am testing it by having them say “moving,” while moving in their API loop. The game will support couch multiplayer, trying to reproduce some of the funnest times I’ve had played Baldur’s Gate and more recently Diablo III with friends. One thing that always bugged us in those games — when one player talked to an NPC the dialogue took over the screen and paused everybody. In this game players will be able to walk around freely, and NPCs will respond with un-disruptive speech bubbles.