Explore The Galaxy, an 18-Card Print and Play

I just completed Version 0.6 of an in progress card game of only 18 cards. The game is a skill solving game where each card has 3 different roles. Anybody can print and cut it out. I’ve even created a low-ink version of the game if the awesome space graphics are too ink heavy for your home printer.

The game idea originally came from these space and planet textures I created for the game I’m working on, Hyperion. The characters and back story are influenced by Star Trek, Star Wars, and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Full Color Cards

New Rules Ver. 0.6

New Rules Ver. 0.6

Full Color Cards PDF – Full color legal paper prints.
Low Ink Cards PDF – Great for home printers, including b&w laser printers.
Solitaire Rules PDF – Rules document, sized for 5×3.5 inch back and front on one page.

You can follow the game’s progress in the original Work-In-Progress thread at BGG.

This game is part of the 18-Card MicroGame Contest 2015 on the BoardGameGeek forum, with many other great easy to print and play 18 card games.