Complex State is a game we are working on, it’s an Action-RPG for tv consoles and mobile. The game has a sci-fi theme involving artificial characters.

I’ve been working on the logo and over all brand the last few days. Here is the work-in-progress logo:


Comet path in Hyperion

Hyperion is a larger game project I’ve been working on for years. I’ve partially implemented it on several platform at different points. Over the years my Dad has also doe a lot of work calculating the movements of planets and comets using Keplers and other rocket science.

My dad has recently gotten a procedural comet flying through the solar system using Unity3d.


This is our first project on Unity3D. Because Hyperion will be such an ambitious cross-platform 3D game, the powerful Unity3D looks like a great fit. Our first goal is a simpler planetary system sandbox game, the basic functionality of the much larger Hyperion game I’ve been working on.